Snapshots from around the World: Myanmar

Dear Church,
Our mission partners in Myanmar, Andrew and Marilyn and the Smiths report that times are tougher than usual for folk living in Myanmar due to the Covid lockdown which has been imposed since 22 March. 
Andrew writes ” Because the Covid-19, we can not have worship services at the Church since March 2020. Many Church believers also loss their jobs and facing difficulties for food. Many Pastors and Missionaries as well as ministers of the gospel workers have been facing challenges for daily living . And some of our Mission fields, there are very poor people whom we have been sharing the gospel to them and doing follow up.”  His full report can be read here.  
Similarly, the Smiths report a rapid increase in Covid cases in the last month despite lockdown measures, and are seeking to help people in their local church in Yangon.  We have a video update from them which we will share with you on Sunday.  We would love to be able to send some love their way through some special financial assistance. If you would like to make a gift, tag it with the code PM0012, and we will pass it on to Myanmar. 
For more information feel free to speak to Ian McBride, Russell Jensen or Jodi Wichers.
From Ian McBride,
Missions Team Leader