Success in God’s Church is achieving the outcome (mission) that God intends. This only happens through the courage to continually realign our culture with the values of Jesus Christ.

Our Mission is to help people become total followers of Jesus, to be people who love God and love others without reservation.

Our Purpose is helping people discover Christ & in doing so to live life to the full as they Gather, Grow, Give & Go

Our Vision is to…

Gather: To celebrate God in gospel centered praise

We see a church community where all are welcome. Where the truth sets us free. Where hope, confidence and joy arise and life is never the same.

Grow: To become like Jesus in gospel centered communitygive-go-gather-grow

We see a church community where the gospel continually ignites a Christ centered life change. Where the weary find strength, the hurting find hope and we all enjoy a steady maturing of the soul.

Give: Of ourselves in gospel centered service

We see a church community where every person lavishly gives of themselves. Where our gifts, strengths, passions and all of who we are is poured out in worship and service to God.

Go: Share Jesus in gospel centered multiplication

We see a church community where authentic outreach occurs over coffee, at the beach, on the mountain bike and in the natural rhythms of life. We are a passionate people, totally sold out and living like Christ among our friends.