Groups Ministry

We learn in rows but we grow in circles. Go deeper than the Sunday services by connecting with one of our many small groups throughout the Bay.

Life groups

Our life groups meet together in smaller numbers around the Bay to process the content from Sunday morning, as well as to journey life together – the highs and the lows! It’s in life groups where you move from being in a crowd to being known and find a sense of community and deep spiritual friendship.

We have a range of life groups for different ages and stages. Whether you’re a single young adult, married with kids or approaching retirement, there’s a group for you. Talk to us about joining one today.


Are you looking for something a bit deeper? Perhaps a pod is more suited to your needs! A variation of life groups is pods that we offer are called pods, and these are smaller groups of no more than six people. They are gender-based and focus on three areas: accountability, Bible and prayer. Indicate your interest below.

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Interested in joining a small group? Let us help you get connected