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A Word for the week – What good does prayer do?

The topic of ‘prayer’ often comes up in our study group. The discussion goes around and around and we keep coming back to the idea that prayer is of such immeasurable benefit to the praying person. It puts us in our true place, a place of dependence. Can you imagine how proud we would be if God dished out all our wants without making us first ask for them? What a powerful tool it is for us people of dust to remember our unworthiness through, and whose sovereignty we exist in. I think the reason we are urged to be a prayerful people is because that’s the most healthy mindset and attitude for a Christian to remain in, constant dependence on God for everything. Prayer couples our weakness with God’s strength – is there any better place for us to be than in constant prayer? If we do bring a right attitude to prayer, we also actively put aside human foolishness and invite God’s wisdom in its place. For our benefit, prayer realigns our will with the Father’s. Thank You God for Your mercy in giving us prayer. 

Our Battle is not Against Flesh and Blood – Ephesians 6:12
Illustration by Joseph Chudleigh

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