Snapshots from around the World: Lubumbashi, Congo


Please pass on to the church family at The Orchard Church our thanks for the gift which we received from you recently via GCIM. We have used part of your gift to purchase paper and ink for printing more of the COVID 19 advice leaflets. The team in Lubumbashi have sent these leaflets translated into 6  tribal languages to our churches far and wide across the Katanga province. In one place the medical authorities confiscated them saying they had no material to tell people what they need to do and this leaflet was very good so they were the ones that should be giving it to people.

We gladly let them have the leaflets as they have a gospel message on the back that people will be sure to read. As these leaflets have been so helpful and also a great tool for our Christians to use in evangelism we are continuing to produce more to keep on sending out. Your gifts have helped fund this. Thank you so much.

We have also used some of the funds to  purchase medicines and protective gear for our hospitals for the COVID 19 situation they are facing. The official death toll is not really high but  Dr Serge reports many people  are dying of unknown causes and he thinks many of these are COVID. There are some medicines that help with symptoms and of course the need for protective gear so part of your gift has gone to support our medical work over this difficult time.

Please pray for our medical staff as they try to show God’s love for people in the midst of this pandemic. Pray also for the efforts to share the gospel that continue at our hospitals.

In other news, Serge continues to make progress in his recovery. He will be in hospital for another 7-9 days but is eating and drinking and able to walk about. I have attached a photo of Serge and his wife Mimi. Please continue to pray for Serge’s recovery.


Joy & Murray