See you Sunday at The Orchard

Hey Church!

How good was it to be back together after so long? We loved the positivity and feeling of togetherness! If you were unable to be here or watched online, we look forward to being able to see you in person again soon!
Thank you for your cooperation and understanding with the “new normal.” Even though rules were a little restrictive, there seemed to be few issues and nothing dampening our spirits!


This Sunday

The same policies will still be in place this weekend. We hope that a move to Level 1 will happen quickly so we can be back to normal! If you missed our guidelines, here they are again:


  • We have two “big bubbles” in the building – up to 100 in the auditorium and a live stream in the youth hall for up to another 100. Sadly, these big bubbles can’t mix so feel free to stick around and chat after the service but please keep within your room (auditorium or youth hall).
  • Upon arriving, we will have a main entrance and exit. Entrance will be through the front glass doors and for the auditorium exiting will be via the back glass doors and for the youth hall exiting will be via the side glass doors.
  • For contact tracing, the government requires us to keep a record of who is in the building. As you arrive, we will have a sign in station and hand sanitiser available. We ask you arrive early, around 9:30am, to get everyone in for our 10:00am live stream.
  • Our seats will be placed a metre apart. You are welcome to move these closer together in your own bubbles so you can sit with those you came with.
  • We have separate toilet blocks for the two different 100 person big bubbles. The auditorium will be allocated the main men’s and women’s block and the youth hall the disabled toilet block.
  • Finally, and sadly, we won’t be running a kids ministry until we are a little more settled with church itself. Kids are welcome in our service, but bear in mind they will need to be able to quietly sit through a full service.


Free Pre-Service Coffee

It doesn’t feel like church unless there is the smell of coffee as you walk through the door! We are excited to be able to return to pre-service barista coffee this weekend and it’s on the house! Come a little early to snag a seat in the auditorium and grab a coffee as you catch up with friends before the service starts.


As we can’t have the two big bubbles mixing, we will not be able to serve coffee or refreshments in the foyer after the service.


Mission Updates

We have two new updates from our missionaries, Murray Stevenson and Marion Caldwell. Below is an excerpt from their updates and you can read their whole correspondence via the links below. Please keep our missionaries in your prayers.

Murray Stevenson, Congo: News from our colleague Dr Serge in Lubumbashi, Congo indicates that COVID19 cases are starting to arrive at hospitals in the city. Lockdown in Congo has little or no ability to create social distancing. With the majority of the Congo population living from day to day in the process of procuring food there is no way they can exercise the privilege of NZ model of shutdown!  There are no benefits, no funding for business etc . On the positive side no debt for the majority of their youth for generations to come and more chance of quick recovery!! The truth is the death toll is still low due to the fact that Congo’s aged population is small by western levels… (click below for the whole update)

Marion Caldwell, Japan: Dear friends at the Orchard, Thank you for your weekly Orchard news mail, which has kept me up to date with things with you, and that now you are able to gather again in the building. Great. Here in Japan we see the same cautious resumption of gatherings, recommencement of schools and opening of stores, although national summer sports events and festivals remain cancelled for this year. Also the flare up of a 2nd wave down in Kita Kyushu, causing schools to close again, makes us realize that could happen anywhere. Unnecessary travel is discouraged. We still have no airmail from or to NZ.  How thankful I am that I can write in this way and keep in contact with everyone…(click below for the whole update)


Word for the Week

Need encouragement? Each week we’re posting a devotional thought on our website written by one of our own. They are also illustrated by the talented Joe Chudleigh. Check out “Submission: A Demeaning Concept?” by Pastor Greg.


Prayer Meeting

Our 9am Sunday prayer meeting is back up and running at the church. You’re invited to join in. If you can’t make it in to church by that time, you can also Zoom in to the meeting.


Meeting ID: 861 8909 9930
Password: 291171


The Orchard Church Ministries

We’re pleased to say that many of our church ministries are beginning to regroup and function as normal.


  • The Orchard Youth is back this Friday night at church 7pm
  • The Orchard Young Adults are back this Sunday night at church at 6:30pm
  • Our Life Groups are regrouping as well

We have life groups in Papamoa, Te Puke and Paengaroa. If you would like to be part of a mid-week group that meets for community, Bible study and pastoral care, please email Nelson at


Winter Bible School

Winter Bible School is still on though this year it will come to you online. The first session begins 24th June at 7.30 pm but you need to register. You can do that here:


Have a great week, church! We look forward to worshiping together again on Sunday morning.
God bless,
The Orchard Church Elders and Staff