Woohoo We’re at Level 2!

Hello Church!
At last we’re out of level 3 lockdown!  We’re one significant step closer to resuming life as normal. Here’s our weekly update.


Church News

Getting Convicted
We’re in a series on Second Timothy at the moment, a book that emphasises the importance of sound doctrine. The Apostle Paul was very keen that Timothy not only know the truth but that he guard it as well (see 2 Tim 1:13-14). Yet we won’t guard that which we don’t value. Therefore it is really important that we put a high value on truth so that we guard it as we ought. This begs the question, how do we become convinced and convicted of truth? It takes time and intention. Start by leaning well one or two passages that teach vital truths. Memorise and meditate on these passages and in your memory connect them with the doctrine that they teach. Here is a brief table to help you get started:


The Trinity Matthew 28:18-20
The Deity of Christ John 1:1-3
Salvation by grace
through faith alone
Ephesians 2:8-10
The inerrancy and
sufficiency of Scripture
2 Timothy 3:16-17
The Second Coming of
Revelation 19:11-16

The Holy Spirit is the
Spirit of truth (John 14:17) and Jesus said he was the way, the truth and the
life (John 14:6). It is also the truth that sets people free (John 8:31-32). If
we want to be like our God, let’s be people dedicated to love according to
truth (2 John 1).

May Month of Prayer
May is our church-wide month of prayer and this week the challenge is to email our local member of parliament and let them know we’re praying for them.

We’d also love you to join our 9.00 am Sunday Prayer meeting
via zoom. Here are the details:


Join Sunday Prayer Zoom Meeting
Meeting ID: 861 8909 9930
Password: 291171

Word for the Week
Need encouragement? Each week we’re posting a devotional thought on our website written by one of our own. They are also illustrated by the talented Joe Chudleigh. Check out our first posting from Bex here:




What’s next at Alert Level 2

As you are aware, New Zealand has downgraded its Covid-19 alert to level 2. While we still can’t gather as we’d like to, this does mean we can live stream our service on Sunday. So, 10.00 am this Sunday tune in to Facebook where we’ll be going ‘live’. We’ll try and get a link to the live stream up on our website’s Sermon page.


  • No Facebook Live
    this week as we’re streaming our service live at 10.00.

The easing of restrictions also means that our smaller groups (PODS, Home Group, Ministry Leaders) can resume meeting if those involved are happy to. Talk to your small group leader to check out what is happening for your group.




  • Church History class is running Thursday nights
    at 7pm. Greg will be looking at the Reformation Era tonight, so even if you’ve
    missed the other lessons, tonight’s is a good one to zoom into. Meeting details
    are on our website and our Facebook page.


  • Winter Bible School is still on though this year it will come to you online. The first session begins 24th June at 7.30 pm but you need to register. You can do that here: https://www.winterbibleschool.co.nz/



Productions Help
A big shout out to Bevan & Jen Jack along with Bex Reeve who have been going above and beyond over these last 8 weeks putting together our online services. Their efforts have revealed that we really do need others to help out in this space. If you’re interested in the technical side of putting services together (video, music, powerpoint, etc.) then drop Bevan a line and let him know.

Donations Receipts
The Church leadership thanks you for your faithful expression of love to God and his Church through your act of worship in your generous donations.
Understandably church giving has dropped during this pandemic. As yet we haven’t had to make any staff changes, but we would really appreciate your continued generous giving. We are also supporting those in need during this time, so if you’d like to contribute to help them out that would be great.
Graeme our Treasurer has completed your donations receipts for the 2020 financial year and you should have now received them in the post. However unfortunately we have discovered an error with the dates so replacement receipts will be reissued and sent out this week, we apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you. If your receipt hasn’t arrived yet and or you believe that your receipt is incorrect (other than the date) please email Graeme at accounts@theorchard.net.nz


Have a great week, church! We look forward to worshiping together online on Sunday morning.
God bless,
The Orchard Church Elders and Staff