We’re live streaming our whole service!

Hello Church!
We took another big step forward in our online presence last week with our first Facebook Live full service! We hope you could tune in and were encouraged with live music, a live message and a sense of being together! We loved seeing your comments of who was watching from where!

In the spirit of May month of prayer, let’s begin with a devotional thought from Rebekah Reeve on prayer. Bex wrote this piece last week for our first installment of our new weekly segment, A Word for the Week. These will be uploaded to our website each Tuesday. More on that below.


What Good Does Prayer Do?

The topic of ‘prayer’ often comes up in
our study group. The discussion goes around and around and we keep coming back
to the idea that prayer is of such immeasurable benefit to the praying person.
It puts us in our true place, a place of dependence. Can you imagine how proud
we would be if God dished out all our wants without making us first ask for
them? What a powerful tool it is for us people of dust to remember our unworthiness
through, and whose sovereignty we exist in. I think the reason we are urged to
be a prayerful people is because that’s the most healthy mindset and attitude
for a Christian to remain in, constant dependence on God for everything. Prayer
couples our weakness with God’s strength – is there any better place for us to
be than in constant prayer? If we do bring a right attitude to prayer, we also
actively put aside human foolishness and invite God’s wisdom in its place. For
our benefit, prayer realigns our will with the Father’s. Thank You God for Your
mercy in giving us prayer. 


Back to School!

The kids are back at
school! We hope your kids are enjoying the adjustment. It can be tough for kids
with all the changes and extra rules – great job being adaptable, kids!! And
well done, parents. No doubt you’ve been stretched over the last two months.
Keep up the great work being role models and discipling your families! 


May Month of Prayer


May is our church-wide month of prayer and this week the
challenge is ask a non-Christian friend if you can pray for any need.

We’d also love you to join our 9.00 am Sunday Prayer meeting
via zoom. Here are the details:


Join Sunday Prayer Zoom Meeting
Meeting ID: 861 8909 9930
Password: 291171


Word for the Week

Need encouragement? Each week we’re posting a devotional
thought on our website written by one of our own. They are also illustrated by
the talented Joe Chudleigh. Check out “The Inevitable Question of Why” by
Pastor Mike.





Last week we ran our first full live online service via our
Facebook page! Broadcasting live is one step to being together – if not in the
same location, at least at the same time! We believe that community is a
precious part of a church and that’s what we want to cultivate as best we can.

To watch these services, there are two ways you can join:


  1. Via our Facebook page. “Like” The Orchard Church and be there at 5 minutes to 10am when our stream becomes active!


  2. Via our website. On our home page will have a “Join our Live Service” image. Click on that and it will take you where you need to go to watch.


Our next step with our services is to continue live online, and once the gathering restrictions move beyond 10, we will move to house church groups. We trialed this with success all those weeks ago when we were first at level 2. We will hold off opening the church building until we are confident that we can provide a positive church experience and a safe, positive children’s programme.

For now, perhaps you can invite a family over to your house to watch the service together. We heard of that happening this last weekend with rave reviews!


Eldership Refreshment

It is usual for elders to take a three month sabbatical
after six years in office, during which there is an opportunity for rest
from duties and reflection.  Ian will be on sabbatical for several months
starting in June. Igor has stepped into the role of chair, a role we review
each year. The role of chair is primarily concerned with chairing the
elders meetings, maintaining order and unity within the elders, and
supporting the lead pastor.




  • Winter Bible School is still on, though this year it will come to you online. The first session begins 24th June at 7.30 pm but you need to register. You can do that here:




  • No Facebook Live “after sermon interaction” this week as we’re streaming our whole service live at 10.00am instead.


Have a great week, church! We look forward to worshiping together on Sunday morning.
God bless,
The Orchard Church Elders and Staff