How We’re Doing Church Online This Easter

Hi Church,
Here’s what’s happening this week at The Orchard Church for Easter:

1. Bible reading plan

  • Thursday night read John 13 about Jesus washing the disciples’ feet
  • Friday read John 19 about the trial and crucifixion of Jesus
  • Sunday read John 20-21 about the resurrection of Jesus

Take your time with each reading, deliberately read slowly. Pause after each paragraph, contemplate the scene in your mind and have someone offer a short prayer. If you really want to get into it on Thursday, hold your own family foot washing!

2. Good Friday virtual service 10.00 am with communion (Isaiah 53:7-9)

Darken your room if you can and light at least three candles. Before the sermon begins blow one candle out. Blow another out after the sermon and then blow the third out after communion. Sit quietly in the darkness and contemplate our Lord’s death for the sins of the world. Have someone pray after a minute or two to close.

3. Resurrection Sunday virtual service 10.00 am with communion (Isaiah 53:10-12)

Then join Pastor Greg from 11.00am for a 30 minute Facebook Live chat where he will answer questions and unpack the sermon with you further. This will happen in our Orchard Church Community Group

Prompts for Prayer

We have had at least two ‘lockdown’ injuries! Johan Krukerink has ruptured his knee trampolining with his kids. He’s had surgery but could be out of action for quite some time, please pray for him and the family. Also, little Hugo Reeve came off his bike last Sunday afternoon and broke an arm. He’s recovering at home but again please keep the family in your prayers.

Let’s remember to uphold all those still working long hours out there. This includes medical professionals, those involved in the kiwifruit harvest, and all other emergency and essential service workers. Pray that the believers among them will evidence the love of Christ to others and prove to be a blessing.

Upcoming Online Class

Starting next Thursday 16th April at 7.00 pm Pastor Greg will be teaching an online course that gives a broad overview of church history. This class will give you insight into why the world is the way it is, where the different types of churches come from and what major people and events have shaped us. You’ll need to register at with your email so you can receive notes and be invited to the online class. You can find out more here Church History Overview Course.

God bless,
The Elders and Pastoral Staff