Greg Burgess Profile

Greg Burgess

Greg grew up in country Western Australia. He moved to Perth for university and after graduating worked in the city for 3 years.
During this time he came to faith in Christ, met and married his wife Wendy and together they had a son, Jordan.
In 1990 the family moved to Adelaide to go to Bible College. In 1993 they moved to Moree in North-Western NSW to pastor the Baptist Church. After 7 years with this very gracious church Greg moved his family (which now included two girls, Jacqui and Rachel) to Dallas, Texas where he completed a Master of Theology degree. In May 2002 they returned to Adelaide where Greg taught at the Adelaide College of Ministries for more than 14 years. While there he helped to start a church on the campus, the Klemzig Community Chapel.
While teaching at the College Greg met and befriended a number of kiwi students and visited New Zealand both for ministry and holiday. He started as The Orchard’s Lead Pastor in May 2017.
Greg and Wendy’s son, who lives with his wife in Adelaide, has now given them a grandson Theodore while their two daughters remain in Perth. This will no doubt see Greg and Wendy make trips back to Australia for “family time” whenever their busy schedule allows.