S.H.E.S Women  a Ladies Evening Bible Study for all women at any age or stage of life.

Do you feel like you are juggling so many things you should have been born with octopus arms?SHES Women Octopus Arms
Women today have so many exciting opportunities. However, along with that come a lot of pressures and expectations. How do we connect with other women, grow spiritually and still give time to others in a rushed and busy world?

SHES Women has a vision to bring women together of all ages and walks of life for spiritual empowerment. To create networking opportunities for meaningful friendships and connections, ministry, outreach, business, sports, hobby groups and more. To equip us women to go out and be God’s light in our community, not with extra burdens but as an extension of whom we already are.

During our SHES Women Monday evenings there will be the following opportunities:

  • She’s Connecting A chance to unwind, have a cuppa, chat and connect with others over supper.SHES Women
  • She’s Sharing – A forum for women to share talents, hobbies, ministries, businesses, sports groups and more. The aim of She’s Sharing is to create awareness of what our women are already involved in and in doing so to encourage others. Also to provide opportunities to engage with other like minded women who may want to be a part of what each other are doing. Some women need help and others are looking for a way to help but without sharing our knowledge we can’t connect the dots. So She’s Sharing creates awareness and opportunities to connect.
  • She’s Learning – The teaching part of the evening will range from DVDs of well-known speakers to visiting speakers to home based bible study series. To empower women and spiritually equip them for everyday life.
  • She’s Praying – The foundation of our spiritual life is prayer. A prayer corner will be available to either pray in, be prayed over or to pray for others.
  • She’s Got Talent – A display board will be set up to promote businesses, ministries, hobbies, sports groups, events, ads for help wanted and needed. A Facebook page has also been set up to create effective communication between each other, to share events, words of encouragement, seeking and giving helpful advice etc.
  • She’s Ready to Go – At the end of these evenings our hope is that you will leave feeling empowered in what God is doing in your life, or enlightened as to where you need to put your focus, so that you can have the confidence to then reach out to others around you and be the light God has called you to be.