Brett & Karen Curtis – YWAM Ships

Brett and Karen Curtis serve with YWAM, and have been busy in PNG with YWAM Ships, a ministry with a vision to reach the isolated and forgotten with God’s love. The islands and villages they reach out to are extremely isolated, and have little to no contact or support. Medical support includes a basic maternity kit for mothers in child birth as well as eye and dental surgery. The gospel is proclaimed, with many coming to faith, and church leaders are taught and encouraged. For more details see YWAM Ships.

Murray & Joy Stevenson – Democratic Republic of CongoStevensons in DRC

Murray and Joy Stevenson serve with the Brethren Churches in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), creating partnerships that support the spread of the Gospel, through auto funding, sponsorship, infrastructure development and training. They travel between NZ and the DRC on a regular basis, to provide support and encouragement to the many ministries led by indigenous peoples there. There is an extensive network of churches, schools and hospitals, and a regular programme of teaching at conferences and churches. The believers there, particularly those travelling the country in support of this work, regularly face the threat of violence and death from warring factions in the DRC. This past year, funds have enabled progress on a youth camp roof, a surgery fitout and church roofs. For more details of this work visit their website page or Facebook page.

Stuart & Marrion Caldwell – Japan

Stuart and Marion Caldwell have served in Japan for the past 60 years and in January this year moved from Hirosaki to Yamagata to live at Manna House, a christian care facility run by Drs Satoshi and Yaeko Haneda. Marion and the Henadas last visited us at The Orchard in October 2016.

Mark & Korin Jacobsen – YWAM MexicoJacobsens in Tijuana

Mark and Korrin Jacobsen serve with YWAM in Tijuana, Mexico. Their ministries include Homes for Hope, a local outreach to the youth, a prison ministry and serving on the local base.

Faith Bible Church – Myanmar

The Orchard Myanmar Partnership with Faith Bible Church in Mandalay continues to flourish. There are four key areas of this partnership, which aims to strengthen and under gird this vital ministry;

  1. Support of the Shiloh Bible College
  2. Support of the Beulah Pre-School through encouragement and support of the ladies running the pre-school
  3. Support of church planters graduating from the Bible School
  4. Assisting with the development of enterprise in country to support the work.Myanmar Missions

We have funded several vital areas;

  • The building of a house church for Pastor John at Zypingee, this build is almost complete
  • Scooters for Abraham, Bawite (Jumping James) and Tin Maung Lin & his bride Tiemte
  • The annual Buddhist outreach camp
  • A couple of breeding sows for Joshua and Elizabeth which will help them to self support
  • We also assist various church leaders with rent from time to time, including Mary whose husband John died following illness leaving her with three small children

Bevan and Audrey Smith make trips each year to Myanmar to teach at the Bible School, churches and other meetings.
Andrew and Marilyn also visited us in NZ in November 2016 which gave us all the opportunity to meet them and get to know them a little better.